Board of Directors

George Conlow - President

George is a Jefferson Award Recipient. He has served as the President of SHARE since 1994.  He worked with Sister Mary Francis Huron, who founded SHARE in 1986, as Vice-President prior to his retirement from Chevron.  After his retirement, he took over primary responsibility of our charitable organization.

Ron Hannan – Vice President

Ron has served as the Vice-President of SHARE for the last 17 years.  Prior to his retirement, he worked as a service manager at a local car dealership.  In addition to serving on the Board, Ron oversees some of the daily operations.

Jan Harman 

Jan  volunteers at SHARE twice a week in addition to serving on the Board.  She has been with us 20 years.

Kurt Harman 

Kurt retired from the phone company after a long, successful career.  He not only serves on the Board but continues to work our desk every other week.